🎈 Balloons Away 🎈

Once you have flown, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward Leonardo Da Vinci

There are not many things that I am willing to set my alarm to 3:30am for... even though I love sunrise photos, I can very rarely drag myself out of bed in time to take them! So when my husband gave me a surprise early birthday present and said I'd have to get up really early I was a little hesitant. But let me tell you now - that 3:30am alarm was so totally worth it!!!

I headed up into the beautiful Hunter Valley in the dark, feeling very thankful that the new Hunter Expressway meant a well lit road, and made my way to the Mecure Resort situated next to the Hunter Valley Gardens (where I did my Fairytale Shoot with BetteBoom for Pigtails & Pirates last year). There I met the lovely guys from Wine Country Ballooning . The fantastic thing about flying with them is that they limit the flights to only ten people at a time, making it a much more personal experience. We all pilled into their cars and headed south of Cessnock to our take-off site.

Watching the balloon fill up and rise majesticaly into the air was amazing. We all jumped in to the basket and within a few mintutes we were away! The views were spectacular! We floated above towns, farmland, wineries, trees, and rolling hills. Everywhere you looked was another magical image to capture.

Like all good things, our flight eventually had to come to an end. It sure was an exciting one though! As we came in to the paddock we touched down with a thud and our pilot calmly informed us that the basket was about to tip!! Back we went with everyone giggling as the balloon dragged us backwards through the long grass till we slowed to a stop and climbed out. What a brilliant adventure and one I can't recommend highly enough.

I hope you enjoy the shots and would love you to leave a comment ☺.

❤ Emily