❋ Carnarvon Gorge ❋

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking Fredrich Nietzsche

If you've ever considered heading to Carnarvon Gorge then just do it! It's an oasis in the middle of the Queenslad outback. You drive for hundreds of kilometers across long flat plains, and suddenly you hit the mountain range that contains the gorge. There are heaps of beautiful walking tracks to explore that take you to sheer rock faces, waterfalls, across river beds, and even to a small rainforest! Everywhere you look there's another interesting scence to photograph.

Not only can you explore the area by foot, but you can also jump onboard a scenic helicopter flight with Heli-Central to explore the area from above. You get to fly over part of the thousands of acres that make up Bandana Station where you can see across to Carnarvon Gorge. Next you fly over the spectaular untouched wilderness of Moolayember Gorge where you'll see Queenslands very own Three Sisters! A highly recommended experience.

I hope you enjoy the shots and would love you to leave a comment ☺.

❤ Emily