💞 Four Generations 💞

Family is not an important thing. It's everything. Michael J Fox

One of my favourite family photos from my childhood is of me, my Mum, my Grandmother, and my Great Grandmother ~ Four Generations in the one photo. I love that there is so much love in the photo and I must admit the fashion and my Mum's crazy haircut and colour may make me giggle just a little! Given how much I treasure that image, I'm sure you can begin to imagine how excited I was to be asked to capture a Four Generation photo for a beautiful family. I've photographed sweet little Stella since she was a newborn, for both her first portraits and some family photos, she is such a beautiful little doll with the most gorgeous blonde curls and blue eyes. I must admit that she's not a huge fan of having her photo taken, but I have a feeling that the final image in this set might become a 'classic' family shot 😉. I love that part of my job is creating memories that will be treasured for many generations to come.

I hope you enjoy the shots and would love you to leave a comment ☺.

❤ Emily